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About Us

The best track athletes and swimmers race in lane 4, where the chances for success are highest. Lane 4 Tech gives your company that same advantage through experienced consultation, seamless collaboration, and software construction.

Lane 4: The Competitive Advantage.

Our Methodology.

Straight answers in plain English

Our clients value the candid and easy to understand advice we provide. We don't hide behind technical jargon, buzzwords, and fancy flowcharts...although we do like the occasional diagram.

We deliver solutions and explanations that make sense to everyone and that can be acted upon immediately while demonstrating a clear path to return on investments.

We work WITH you.

It takes time and experience to learn the nuances of your business. Nobody knows your product mix and customer base better than you.

Our approach is to work as closely as possible with you, the expert in your business so that we can apply our technical expertise and engineering muscle to give you the competitive advantage to achieve your goals.

Custom software solutions

Our consultations are typically related to corporate communications tools like public websites and internal tools such as intranets, CRM integrations, and other technically daunting tasks.

We are an engineering firm at our core, so we see the opportunities presented by web-based technology to streamline and enhance processes. When part of a solution requires software creation or customization, we have the engineering muscle to execute.


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