Webflow is a relatively new HTML5/CSS3/Bootstrap-based prototyping service that some of our more technically inclined clients have been using. The web-based editor is impressive, allowing a great deal of control and flexibility. Webflow recently launched a CMS built around their existing framework and this offering has satisfied a niche need for one of our clients.

Digital Ocean is a solid hosting service but backups only take place once a week. If you have a crash or lose an entire server as can happen then clients could lose up to a week's worth of transactions. Fortunately Amazon S3 is almost free and it's not difficult to set up backups.

Introducing Lane 4 Technology We’ve been searching for a new identity. Software Rockstars has been fun and easy to remember but it only speaks about us, it says nothing about our clients. So we’ve created a new brand identity that better represents our clients as a high-performing competitors in their space while also communicating the competitive advantages that we can provide. Lane 4?