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Introducing Lane 4 Technology

We’ve been searching for a new identity. Software Rockstars has been fun and easy to remember but it only speaks about us, it says nothing about our clients. So we’ve created a new brand identity that better represents our clients as a high-performing competitors in their space while also communicating the competitive advantages that we can provide.

Lane 4?

Track athletes and swimmers in the fourth lane have the competitive advantage. They can see the challengers on either side while focusing on winning. Lane four is where the best of the best start their races. Michael Phelps dives into the fourth lane. Usain Bolt springs from the blocks in lane four.

The Logo

Orange represents creativity, success, strength, and endurance: attributes of the athletes competing in lane four and attributes of Lane 4 Tech clients. The outside circle illustrates the continual race to be the best while the stylized four in the center shows the twists and turns taken to achieve that goal.